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  • Dumpster Permits

    If you need an authorization for a dumpster rental, how will you know?

    Whether you require a dumpster license is determined by the positioning of the dumpster in your neighborhood and your city’s demands for using public property. Dumpster permits are typically only required if you are positioning your roll off container on the following:

    • A street or road
    • On a public sidewalk or walkway
    • Another form of private property

    These permits are normally authorized and released by the city’s public works or building division. If your community has a Homeowners Association (HOA), then you may also need consent from them prior to putting a dumpster on a domestic road.

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    Steps Toward Getting A Dumpster Permit

    The demands for placing a dumpster on public residential property range from region to region. In some cities, the duty for getting a license even falls onto the private dumpster hauler, in which instance you will not need to obtain a personal permit.

    To discover if your region calls for a dumpster rental license, as well as ways to apply – follow the steps below or give us a phone call and we will be able to check for you.

    Step 1: Check To See If Your City Or Town Calls for a Street or Dumpster Permit

    Give us a telephone call at 1-800-000-0000 and a service rep will certainly be able to tell you whether you require a dumpster rental license prior to setting up your order.

    Step 2: Contact The Local Public Works Department or Your HOA

    The Public Works Department in your city oversees building inspections, enforces building codes, construction codes and provides licenses. As soon as you contact them they will supply you with the application form. Simply complete the provided form and submit it to the department. This process can be done in person, over the phone or online.

    Processing times can vary between cities, though many applications are usually accepted within 1 Day. Charges for dumpster permits also differ if your are renting a residential dumpster or a construction dumpster and the amount of time the dumpster will inhabit the road. If you are positioning the dumpster outside of your residence, call your neighborhood HOA to know for certain there are no laws restricting the placement of a dumpster on your road.

    Step 3: Arrange For Your Dumpster Delivery

    When you’re ready with your permit, just let us know as well as we’ll schedule your dumpster rental for you any where in the United States.